Saturday, June 11, 2011

First two collections are now on Amazon!

Greetings!  My name is Geoffrey Ivar and my passion lies in translating classic Japanese stories into English.  I pick classic, well-known Japanese authors (many of whom have never been translated into English) and I make a selection of their stories available on the Amazon Kindle and other devices.
I put my first two collections of stories on the Kindle last week.  Be sure to pick them up soon at 99 cents each, because I will be raising the prices on them within the month.  Here is a description of the first two books that are available:

The Hole and Other Stories:
This is a collection of three short supernatural stories by the classic Japanese writer Ikujirou Ran. The included stories are: The Hole, The Man Who Held His Breath and Solitude.

The Hole: Rail-road workers are called to the scene of an accident on the tracks, and are confronted with a mystery.
The Man Who Held His Breath: Although some people have strange hobbies, Mizushima's hobby is holding his breath.
Solitude: Can there be true solitude in public? Two men struggle to answer this question in a quaint coffee shop.

The Secret of the Fish and Other Stories:
Three rare, classic supernatural short stories by Japanese author Kotarou Tanaka (1880 - 1941), translated into English.  The stories included are

The Soldier Who Vanished Into Thin Air
The Secret of the Fish

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